Q. How do I install the Ultimate Overflow Gasket?
A. This video on how to install the Ultimate Overflow Gasket should do the trick!

Q. I have a lever that opens and closes my tub drain.  Is the Ultimate Overflow Gasket compatible?
A. Yes, the Ultimate Overflow gasket is compatible.  Please specify that you have a lever overflow in your order.
VideoLift and Turn Covers are compatible

Q. I have an overflow with a centre screw.  Will you product work?
A. Yes!  A longer screw will be needed and we suggest using a bit of silicone to keep the rubber gasket from turning.  Please be sure to email us or specify when ordering.

Q. What are the dimensions of the gasket and cover?
A. The retaining ring and gasket are 2 15/16″ in diameter and the cover is 3 1/4″

Q. Is the Ultimate Overflow Gasket sold in stores?
A. No, we do not currently sell in any stores.

Q. I cannot order from your ordering page.
A. If you are having trouble ordering, please email us at ultimateoverflow@gmail.com.  We are happy to take your order via email.  See order page for pricing.

Video showing how the gasket effectively seals out water:
The gasket effectively sealing off the overflow



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