Q. How do I install the Ultimate Overflow Gasket?
A. Please visit our installation instructions here: Installation Instructions

Q: My overflow has two screws, one on each side. Your overflow has a centre screw. Would this work?
A: Yes. The gasket and retaining ring are secured to the tub using the two screws on either side. The overflow cover is then screwed into the retaining ring with the centre screw.

Q. I have a lever that opens and closes my tub drain.  Is the Ultimate Overflow Gasket compatible?
A. Yes, the Ultimate Overflow gasket is compatible.  Please specify that you have a lever overflow in your order.
Video: Lift and Turn Covers are compatible

Q: Do you have covers for levered overflows?
A: No, we do not supply levered overflow covers.

Q. I have an overflow with a centre screw.  Will your product work?
A. Yes!  A longer screw might be needed and we suggest using a bit of silicone to keep the rubber gasket from turning.  In some cases, our standard length screw has worked but a longer screw might need to be purchased from your local hardware store.

Q: I have a centre screw overflow but the centre screw in my overflow is stuck/broken. Can I still use your product?
A: Yes! You can use an adhesive, such as silicone to adhere the rubber gasket to the tub as well as the retaining ring to the rubber gasket. The overflow cover can be secured by screwing it into the retaining ring.

Q. What are the dimensions of the gasket and cover?
A. The retaining ring and gasket are 2 15/16″ in diameter and the cover is 3 1/4″

Q. Is the Ultimate Overflow Gasket sold in stores?
A. No, we do not currently sell in any stores.

Q. I cannot order from your ordering page.
A. If you are having trouble ordering, please email us at ultimateoverflow@gmail.com.  We are happy to take your order via email.  See order page for pricing.


We accept returns for any reason within 30 days of receiving your product.  The products must be unused and unmodified (levered gasket modifications are okay).  Please email us at contact@ultimateoverflow.com for return instructions.