Colia says:
“This deserves 5 stars. This product saved me hundreds of dollars and it only cost me $30 and 15 minutes of my time. It fixed an overflow leak in my bathtub due to a rotted out gasket. the only other way to fix it was to knock out tile and repair from behind the wall. This took care of the whole issue. When I was talking to the plumber about the problem he was twitching his fingers in anticipation to tear down my wall. This made me so happy. :-)”


Paula’s review:
“This works great. Fixed my bathtub, haven’t had any problems since. It’s easy to install and looks great. Smart design!”


W. Emanuel:
“Does everything it is advertised to do. No more water leaking through the overflow on my bath tub.”


Michael F.:
“Very satisfied with this product. It saved my lots of time and money repairing the overflow on my tub. Highly recommend it!”


Shelley R. S.:
“Perfect solution! The gasket on our overflow drain was dried out and cracked so the overflow was leaking. The space is too tight to take out the gasket and replace it correctly. I installed this and no more leaks! Saved me thousands of dollars!”


Patrick W.:
“I just had to let you know just how great I’ve found your product.   I have a tub that has a liner in it.  The overflow was an issue for a few reasons…  First of all, because of the liner, water going out of the overflow would  get between the liner and the tub, and second, the installer of the liner damaged the opening in the original tub, making it nearly impossible to seal the overflow with a traditional gasket.   Now with your gasket (and a traditional gasket) the overflow is tight as a drum!  I ran the tub for 20 minutes through the overflow without a drop!”